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Doku-Care is an outstanding document management system developed and owned by our partner company ARPWise GmbH.

Primarily conceived for use in the healthcare system, Doku-Care is a data capture system that uses hand held devices such as a Windows Mobile PC to advise on and record task specific information that is subsequently transferred to a master database for onward processing. The system can range from 5-100+ mobile units.

The advantages of having 'on the go' systems are obvious - freeing staff from the office PC allows effective and targeted use of IT where it's needed.

A key strength of the Doku-Care solution is it's adaptability to many different data capture scenarios.

ISD is delighted to be the UK representative for Doku-Care. To find out how we can adapt Doku-Care to your needs call us on +44 0191-6451534 or email to find out more.